Dashcam Usage FAQ

Q: What kind of sd card should i use with the DDPAI dash cam?
A: Card brand like Kingston, Toshiba or Samsung is OK. Not SanDisk card. Need class 10 level above.

Q: How to install dashcam?
A: For different model dashcam installation, pls refer to our Official YouTube channel. Besides, search DDPAI dashcam installation tips, you could also find the teaching video created by other influencers.

Q: Forgot the password and how to reset?
A: In case you forget the password, use a pin insert into REST hole to restore to default settings, initial password is 1234567890.
If you are using mini5, long press the side button to restore to default settings.

Q: How to update manually?
A: Contact us at support@ddpai.com, tell our after-service engineer with your dashcam model and SN as well as firmware version,after the firmware files are sent, pls do as following.

The steps of manually update for Micro storage type:
1.Turn off the camera, and remove the TF card.
2.Insert the TF card into the card reader,then and connect card reader with computer's via USB port.
3.Download the attached update zip file,and unzip the file.
4.Copy the unzipped updated file into SD card.
5.Unplugging card reader, and remove SD card,insert SD card into camera.The camera will update automatically.

The steps of manually update for eMMC storage type:
1.Connect the dash cam with PC by USB data cable (not power cable). and PC will detect the camera as a USB device.
2.Download the attached update zip file,and unzip the file.
3.Copy the unzipped updated file into camera
4.Power on the camera, the camera will update automatically.

Q: The dashcam is GPS model, but didn't get GPS signal?
A: Note that even under optimal circumstances it can take a couple of minutes for your device to receive a signal.
There are several possible causes for GPS issues. Follow the checklist below to find the solution that works for you.
1. Ensure the device is using the latest software. If not, update the device software.
2. Your view is obstructed. If you are in a wooded area, near tall buildings or water it can take longer than normal for your device to receive a GPS signal. Try moving to an area with an open view of the sky if possible.
3. Your device is not working correctly and needs to be reset.

Q: The dashcam could not be connected, how to do?
A: Here are some steps you need to follow first:
1. Confirm whether the mobile phone and recorder are within 2 meters, whether the recorder works normally, check the status of the indicator light;
2. Confirm whether the WiFi password has been modified;
3. If there is intelligent switching network, first turn off (mobile phone settings > WLAN > Advanced Settings > scanning function can be turned off at any time);
4. Turn off the 4G network of mobile phone;
5. If there is a Wi Fi problem in the mobile phone system, turn it on again after re closing the Wi Fi in the mobile phone;
6. If multiple mobile phones are frequently connected, you need to wait for about a minute;
7. There are many WiFi hotspots and interference in the surrounding environment, so try to choose the environment with less WiFi interference, such as outdoor or driving environment;
8. If there are any problems, please contact the after-sales service at support@ddpai.com. If it is possible, you may take some pictures to show that the status of the indicator light so that we may know the recorder is normal or not. We do believe you can handle that and we will always behind you.

Any further product usage issue, do feel free to contact us at support@ddpai.com.