Build A Human-centred Car-Home Interconnection Ecosystem
Founded in 2013, DDPAI is committed to enriching travel and lifestyles with innovative technology. Empower intelligent travel and share an interesting life through machine vision, artificial intelligence and 5G interconnection.

Unite the Industry Ecosystem And Make In-depth Cooperation
At present, DDPAI has established cooperation with major companies in the industry such as Huawei, Honor, and Alibaba to provide users with deeply integrated multi-scenario application services. DDPAI has been helping SAIC, Shouqi, Geely Automobile, Volvo, T3 Go, Xpeng Motors and many other companies to upgrade smart cockpits and intelligent travel, enrich the driving experience and improve operational efficiency. DDPAI also has in-depth cooperation with industry partners such as AutoNavi Maps, Sogou Maps, and Baidu Maps to create more intuitive and convenient navigation experiences.

The Customers of DDPAI Exceeded 5 million

Most of DDPAI’s core management and technical personnel are from Huawei. After years of development, the company has subsidiaries including DDPAI (Shenzhen) Cloud Technology Co., Ltd., DDPAI (Dongguan) Vision Equipment Co., Ltd., and DDPAI (Zhejiang) Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., with a total of more than 500 employees. China’s passenger car market has annual shipments of 2 million, accounting for 10% of the annual automotive incremental market. The company has the DDPAI brand and two sub-brands, 9 Eagles and Mola, extending different series of products. The customers of DDPAI had exceeded 5 million.